This question is one of the most frequently asked questions of our patients. Can I get multiple plastic surgeries at once?

In multiple aesthetic operations, both operated / non-operated techniques can be used. Before this operation, the general health of our patient is examined in detail. The duration of the operation is planned so as not to affect the general health of the patient. Multiple operations are planned individually. And these operations are determined according to the needs of the patient.


Multiple types of aesthetic operations

Considering the needs and demands of our patient, breast augmentation, reduction or erection operations, as well as abdominal stretching or fat removal operations can be combined in a combination. Arm stretching and breast aesthetic surgeries can be combined. In general facial aesthetic operations, face lifting, eyelid sagging, eyebrow lifting and forehead rejuvenation operations can be performed together. Jaw aesthetic surgeries can be performed with rhinoplasty. Lip ripening can be done with rhinoplasty. Abdominal stretching and genital area aesthetics can be combined. Body shaping and stretching operations can be done together.

Advantages of multiple aesthetic operations

Multiple aesthetic operations save time for the person. He does not have to undergo different healing processes. It enables the results of the aesthetic operations to emerge more clearly. For example, the shape of the nose especially affects the appearance of the chin from the profile. Therefore, if the aesthetic problem in the nose is eliminated and the shape of the jaw is corrected, the results of both operations are more revealed. Taking more than one anesthetic is prevented. The cost of the operation will be lower.

Design with 3D simulation device

During the interviews with the patient through the simulation images prepared through the 3D simulation device, the patient can see the problems on his face or body better. For example, the patient who comes for nose aesthetics can realize how much it affects the image of his nose or forehead after the aesthetic problem in his nose is resolved. Our patient who enlarges her breast can see that sagging in the abdominal region can overshadow the aesthetics of the chest. It can request multiple aesthetic operations together to achieve the aesthetic appearance it dreams of.

Multiple aesthetic operations are operations that may be necessary to provide a holistic beauty. You can get information from our plastic surgeon to get information specific to your situation.


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