Closed (No Scar) Rhinoplasty

Closed (No Scar) Rhinoplasty

Most of our patients by force of habit ask if there will be any scars after the rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty, which has been performed for years is now an operation performed without scars thanks to the scientific innovations and technologic changes.

The technique is important

Rhinoplasty is performed in two different ways; open and closed.

  • In open rhinoplasty, by the cutting the area between nostrils, the nasal skin is lifted. As the surgeon can easily see the intranasal structures, this technique is more advantageous in the first years of his education. Surgeons continue this technique even just after their education because they are used to it. It is easier to learn and apply. However, in the open rhinoplasty there is the possibility of a scar on the tip that is visible from outside.
  • In closed rhinoplasty, operational incisions are done from inside the nostrils. In the closed method, there is no possibility of any visible scars. But it is more difficult to apply the closed method. Therefore, it is important for your surgeon to be experienced about the closed rhinoplasty.

Today, there are surgeons applying the both techniques. When deciding for the suitable technique, the nasal structure of the patient plays a great role in this. If there is no functional or dramatic problem, the closed rhinoplasty is generally preferred. In case of corrections or another rhinoplasty surgery, the closed method may not be suitable. The ideal method for you will be told during the examination.

Techniques i developed on rhinoplasty concept are

published on world's

top medical journals.

Nose Art Book

Was Published From Doğan Book House

Closed (No Scar)


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