Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat injection or filler has a very wide range of application in a cosmetic surgery and its popularity is getting stronger day by day. Fat is one of the fillers which can be highly tolerated as a filler for us plastic surgeons. Therefore it has a wide range of application. It’s an effective filler to rejuvenate for hands and face. Injected fat cells keep on living and work as a filler in their new place. If injected fat cells die, its filler effect will disappear.

Therefore used materials and technique is very important in operation. There are a lot of techniques, in operation the less invasive technique should be chosen. The most used area is the face area. Due to aging, fat tissue on the face is decreasing and sagging occurs. With fat injection, lost fat is replaced and younger, plump, alive and aesthetic look is provided. Also in youth there may be lack of volume because of soft tissue and bone structure on the face. In this cases fat injection can be chosen instead of prosthesis or when prosthesis can’t be used.

Fat injection gives safe, long lasting, natural results when it’s used to the decreased tissue area. Fat is taken from part of the body and after a special process it’s given to the treated areas with fat canullas. With this procedure, it may need some repeat to get the wanted result. It’s your tissue, so there won’t be any reaction or rejection.

Applied areas

Face (the most common), Lips
To augment the lower chin
After liposuction
To fix skin outline problems on the body
There are a lot of articles about losing the given fat. If the fat is taken with a good technique and materials, protecting most of the integrity is also depending on the patient’s body structure. If there’s a significant melting, it can be repeated. There won’t be slimming in fat taken area. Taken fat amount is very little, so you won’t feel any differences.

Pre-Operative Interview

In the interview, your complaints and the expectations after the operation are primarily evaluated. You will be informed about the operation.

Preparation for the Operation

You should stop taking aspirin and its derivatives one week before the operation. (do not stop taking the medication you use permanently, without consulting your doctor.)
Photographs of the area to be treated are taken.

Operative Technique

Injecting fat generally taken from the abdomen, waist or any other proper area of the body with special sution cannulas. Taken fat tissue is injected to the lips, curve from edge of the nose to the edge of the lips, lower eye groove, cheekbone and forehead with the special heads. This operation can be applied with combining with other operations.

Type of Anesthesia

In small areas local anesthesia, in bigger areas local anesthesia and sedation (intravenously sleeping) is applied.

Duration of Operation

It changes between 0.5-1 hour depending on the status of the areas to be treated.

Recovery Period

No need to stay the night at the hospital, you can leave the hospital on the same day. Depending on the things you do, you can get back to your daily life a day later. After the operation, it’s normal to have edema on the area of given fat. Especially it’s evident on the lips. This edema will pass in a copule of days and take its last shape. You can start going to gym a week later. If the losing fat is evident, it can be repeated 2 month later. No need for dressing or taking stitches. Usually after two weeks you can realise the difference in your body. Fat injection is a cosmetic surgery technique which can also fix the patient’s mental health and generally gives good and permanent results.

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