Botox Wrinkles and lines on the face can be eliminated temporarily with botox. The effect time of botox treatment is between 4 and 6 months. Age and condition of the treated area can effect this time. Except pregnant and breastfeeding women, almost everybody can have botox treatment.

Botox can be applied in a very short time and can be used for eye contour wrinkles (crows feet), forehead, neck, glabella wrinkles leading to angry expression, eyebrow lift, preventing sweating. Application time is 10-15 minutes. You won’t feel any pain after the treatment. Patients can go back to their daily life. The day botox applied, it’s recommended not to go to the gym, hair saloon, sauna and going to the pool for three days. Same day you should sleep properly and shouldn’t sleep face down. Full effect of botox can be seen between 5-7 days.

Botox in Face Aesthetics

Forehead, eye contour wrinkles (crows feet), glabella, nose side wall, fine wrinkles on lips, wrinkles around the mouth and wrinkles and bands on neck skin result from the mimic muscles on the face and neck spasm. The lines on glabella and side walls of nose lead to an angry expression, lines around the eyes and on the forehead lead to old and tired expression and the lines around the mouth create a sad expression.

Botox temporarily paralyzes the mimic muscles on this part of face to spasm and eliminates the tired, angry and sad facial expressions and gives younger and fresher facial expressions without wrinkles.

Botox treatment should be performed by experienced surgeons who know the anatomy of facial muscles very well. It is applied to the muscles leading to wrinkles through a thin pin needle. It is not a painful procedure but you may only have burning sensation and pain in that area. After the procedure, that area should not be rubbed to prevent the Botox from spreading to the surrounding muscles.

Application Areas On The Face

Forehead wrinkles leading to a tired and old expression,
labella wrinkles leading to angry expression
eye contour wrinkles (crows feet)
correction of fine wrinkles on upper lip
eyebrow lift, repositioning the eyebrow as desired,
correction of wrinkles and bands on neck skin.

Botox Treatment On Excessive Sudation

Hand, foot and armpit perspiration are removed for 6 months with Botox treatment. It is applied to the area with intensive sweat glands after locally narcotizing by rubbing with crème.




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