(Tipplasty: Minor Rhinoplasty) Tipplasty

It is a procedure only to correct the deformation on the tip (asymmetry, wideness, ptosis, nose tip deformity-narrowness) provided that the anatomic structure of the nasal bone is normal.

Pre-Operative Interview

In the interview, your complaints about your nose and expectations after the operation are primarily evaluated.
Photos of your nose are taken from 8 different angles and the possible look after operation is demonstrated to you on the computer.
The before and after operation photos of the operated noses are demonstrated.
When you decide for the operation, my assistant plans the suitable day for the operation.

Operation Technique

The closed rhinoplasty technique (no scar will form on the outside of nose because the procedure is made from inside the nose) is used.
Since the nasal bone structure is normal, no procedure is applied to the bone.
The cartilages bones and soft tissues forming the nasal tip structure are reshaped (where art meets science). Nasal ptosis, extremely upturned tips or asymmetry, unevenness, nose tip, nostrils are corrected and aesthetically reshaped.
After aesthetically shaping the nose, special tapes are adhered to the nose.
No tampon or splint is used.

Duration of Operation

It changes between 30-60 minutes depending on the problem of the nose.

Recovery Period

The patient is discharged on the day of the operation or stays in the hospital for one night depending on the operation.
Operasyondan 1-2 gün sonra burun üzerine konmuş özel bandları ıslatmadan ılık bir duş alabilir ve normal yaşantınıza dönebilirsiniz.
The plastic splint and tapes on the nose are removed 5 days after the operation. And a skin-color tape is put on your nose for one week more and your edema is ensured to completely go away.
Depending on your nose tip structure we show you how to massage your nose if necessary
After third week you can start noticing the new shape of your nose and enjoy it
Nose tip takes its new shape around 6 months.

Type of Anesthesia

Local or general anesthesia is preferred.

Techniques i developed on rhinoplasty concept are

published on world's

top medical journals.

Nose Art Book

Was Published From Doğan Book House

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