Endoscopic Pentalift Operation

What is Endoscopic pentalift operation?

The endoscopic pentalift operation is one of the newest and most advanced aesthetic surgery methods applied to areas such as forehead, eyebrow, temple, outer eye and mid-face lifting.
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Aging, genetic transmission, sun damage and gravity cause the forehead skin to lose its elasticity and eyebrows, upper eyelid and mid face to get saggy. There are various operating methods used in the treatment of such problems.
Modern methods such as permanent solutions with traditional surgical methods, temporary solutions with non-surgical methods and endoscopic pentalift method that provide fast recovery and permanent results can be used.

How to prepare for endoscopic pentalift operation?

During the examination with Dr. GO, your face is photographed, and the possible postoperative image of the eyebrow, outer corner of the eye and cheek area is shown to you with 3D simulation.

What is the recovery process like after the endoscopic pentalift operation?

With the endoscopic lifting technique, 4 small incisions are made in the scalp, and the muscle-skin flap is dissected and lifted with the help of a videoendoscope and elevator.

First stage: Endoscopic forehead lift.
The sagging, folds and wrinkles on the forehead are partially corrected according to the needs of the patient.

Second stage: Endoscopic Brow lift.
Upward rotation of 1/3 of the outer part of the eyebrow or 2/3 of the outer part of the eyebrow is pulled up together with the middle eyebrow, and even if necessary, the entire eyebrow can be lifted up. The drooping skin on the upper eyelid can be partially corrected with this maneuver.

Third stage: Endoscopic temple lift.
The drooping and fold on the outer edge of the eye are partially corrected according to the patient’s needs.

Stage four: Endoscopic Almond Eye
In order to obtain attractive and captivating looks, the outer cannula of the eye is hung up, if the under-eye groove is deep or prominent, additional correction is provided, if necessary, the fat bags on the lower eyelid are partially removed.

Fifth stage: Endoscopic midface lift.
The soft tissue in the drooping mid-face is carried from the bottom up to the cheekbone. If there is excess volume in the cheek, the cheek fat tissue can be removed by bichectomy. The sagging in the jaw line is partially corrected.

What is the recovery process like after the endoscopic pentalift operation?

Recovery time in endoscopic pentalift is quite fast and bruising is almost non-existent. These operations can be done individually, in combination or as a pentalift. You will not have any visible incision marks on your face.


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