Brotox For Men

Brotox For Men

Brotox is a special botox treatment for men. And it gets more popular over the years in the world.

There are differences between male and female botox treatment. Botox treatment should be planned specially because of men’s muscle structure and strength.

Wrinkles on face not just make you look old, it makes you look tired, sad, worried and exhausted. Many men apply to the aesthetic surgery to control signs of aging.

Feature of brotox injection

The most important feature of brotox injection is to be applied by protecting masculine expression on the face.

Botox treatmant to eye contour and crows feet are not as common as in men unlike in women. Because men don’t have wrinkles more than women in these areas. Even if it changes from man to man, brotox is applied mostly forehead, eye bags and smile muscles.

Also with brotox treatmant, stretched and smooth application aren’t applied to men. Minimal injections are applied suitable to the age and face. It is important that creating no frozen gestures, confused and nervous look on the face. Sharp lines and gestures on male face structure should be protected. Otherwise it may cause feminine look. Therefore brotox, special botox for men, should be done by professionals.

Brotox is also not a permanent operation and it should be renewed once in six months,two times in a year. Injections that are used in brotox are also a protein made from clostridum botulinum bacteria. It’s a proven reliability aesthetic operation, done with low dose and minimal applications.

Who does choose to have brotox?

Men’s purpose is not to look younger with brotox treatment. First purpose is to look better, more attractive, more rested and fitter.

That’s why they look for less invasive application like brotox. When it’s done by the professional surgeons, men can have unrecognizable botox with natural, healthy, fit and energetic look.

Longer work life, being presentable and necessity of looking energetic are the reasons that men look for brotox application. It’s recommended to anyone who wants to have more enegetic,dinamic and positive look.




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For Men

Brotox is a special botox treatmant for men. And it gets more… More
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