Nose job is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgeries by women and men. The reason for this is that the nose is in the middle of the face and therefore the focus of the face. Therefore, excessively large, curved or bumpy noses can cause self-confidence problems.

Instead of going to your doctor with a photo of a celebrity whose nose you like very much in your hand, it is recommended that you listen to your doctor’s suggestions in the new nose shape design. 4 important things are considered for the successful qualification of rhinoplasty results.

burun estetigi

1. Psychological Health

You should tell your doctor exactly about your complaints and what you want. This operation also includes a pre-operative process in which all stages of the operation are discussed and you need to be prepared psychologically.

2. A Nose That Fits You

You may like a person’s nose very much. But are you sure the nose will suit you? The purpose of your doctor in nose aesthetics is to design the nose shape that suits you best and you can breathe in the most correct way. It is recommended that you see the nose that your doctor designed for you in 3D design devices from the computer environment.

3. Good Breathing

One of the consequences of the curvature of your nose may be that you cannot exchange properly. Even if you are not aware of it, you may have trouble with your breathing exchange. While your doctor will correct the shape of your nose, it will also take the necessary steps for you to breathe more easily. After your successful nose surgery, you can take the smells more clearly and at the same time you can breathe much healthier.

4. Inconspicuous Rhinoplasty

One of the features of a good nose surgery is that someone who sees you for the first time will not realize that your nose is aesthetic. If the people you see for the first time do not understand that your nose has undergone any operation, your doctor has done a great job.

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