Eros Arc Lip Augmentation

Eros Arc
Lip Augmentation

Lip beauty takes a very important place in face aesthetic. It gives inspiration to the artists through history. From poetry to painting and sculpture, it comes upfront in all kinds of art. In lip aesthetic; lip contour, fullness harmony between upper lip and lower lip, upper lip curve are as important as lip fullness. The Eros arc lip augmentation is the harmony of the curve on the middle of upper lip and the lip.

Almost in every artwork, you can see the middle curve is more upfront, lower lip is more plump than upper lip, plumpness is centered in the middle of the lips, upper lip edges is a little folded

Things you need to be careful in Eros Ard lip augmentation

Lip aesthetics purpose is to give lips fullness and attraction. Eros arc is a curve that usually exists on a natural lips. Just in some lips it is more evident, more compatible with the lips and a little juttig out. The lips with these features accepted ideal.

According to aging, changes in lip volume and deformity can deform eros arc. In some cases eros arc can be indistinct who genetically have extreme thin lips. This may cause older, unhappy and angry look.

With eros arc lip augmentation both fullness and lip curve design is done together. This design needs art knowledge. Therefore lip augmentation should be done by professional surgeons.

How eros lip augmentation is done?

There are different kinds of dermal filling in use for lip augmentation. There are silicone implants, fat injections and hyaluronic acid fillers. These are split into two, permanent and temporary lip fillers. There are silicone gels other than implants. A lot of surgeons prefers temporary fillers.

Hyaluronic acid lip filler is applied in 10-15 minutes by using very small injections. There won’t be any pain during the operation. Patients can go on with their work or daily lives. Lip fullness and shape can be seen right after the operation. Lip keeps its shape and volume for a year even if they change from person to person. It should be renewed after a year.



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