Venus Lip Augmentation

Venus Lip Augmentation

Hyaluronic acid is one of the basic elements of the skin. With aging, the skin happens to lack hyaluronic acid and the water holding capacity of water reduces. After the hyaluronic injection, a natural look is achieved.

Lip augmentation and facial implants are very easy and rapid to be applied in treatment of wrinkles so you can have it done even during your lunch break and get back into your daily routine afterwards. The hyaluronic acid preparation is injected into the skin with a very fine needle. The duration of procedure is about 15 minutes. The procedure is completed for people having low a pain threshold very comfortable with the local anesthesia cream. Temporary redness can be developed in the site of application depending on the skin type of the person. It is generally applied in 2 successive sessions. If it is performed for the first time, a complementary session might be needed after 2 or 3 weeks. It takes effects immediately after the application. It is lasting for 4-6 months after the application and needed to be repeated at the end of this period. You don’t need to have any pre-tests. However the applying person should be an experienced expert.

Areas Of Application

-Lip thickening and augmentation
-Treatment of deep wrinkles around the mouth
-Treatment of deep lines and wrinkles on the face
-Filling the sunken areas under eyes and in the cheeks
-Eyebrow lift by filling
-Sunken scars
-Elimination of wrinkles on the hands



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